Vanessa Katz was born in England and now resides in sunny California where the sun makes everything appear more colorful and vivid to her.

She loves the freedom that abstracts give her to express her emotions and desires to evoke emotions through her work.

She is fascinated with shapes, colors, textures, movement and the shape between the shapes, nature and trees and this can be seen evident in her work.

She is inspired by everyday observations, feelings and life experiences in general and by the works of such artists as Rothko, Pollack, Van Gogh, Kandinsky and many others.

She works on canvas and paper with many mediums of acrylic, oil, ink and texture building materials and likes to work building up many layers to create richness, depth and texture.

She attended Putney School of Art in London and continued her education with many classes and courses and has won awards and had solo exhibitions and works as a full time artist. Her works can be found in private collectors homes around the world, USA, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Australia.



The Artist's Magazine 30th Annual Art Competition - Abstract Experimental -Honorable Mention for "Urban" and publication, 2013

North Light's Books' first annual Acrylic Works: Best of Acrylic Competition - "Is It Cloudy or Bright" selected for publication, 2013

11th Media Global Art Annual Artists of Today - Diploma of Excellence - Honorable Award for "Urban" - April 2013
9th Female Artist's Art Annual - Honorable Award for "Morning Glory" - March 2013




'The Spice of Life' Solo Exhibition - Venus Galleries, Palm Desert - February 2015


Solo Exhibition - The Da Vinci Exhibit - Los Angeles 2011

Solo Exhibition - Old Town Wine Cellar - June 2010

Palm Springs Art Museum - Exhibition May 2010 - Juried Selection



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